Why My Peaceful Family?

If someone had said to me when I was in my college that I will marry a foreigner, move to San Diego and will have two sons, and I will have my own business around coaching parents (especially mothers) and teaching others about how to create a peaceful family….I would not have believed it.  After completing my graduate degree in 1998, I started working for one of the United Nations organizations, which was my dream job since high school.

I was living in Germany, and my job took me all over the world which I enjoyed immensely, and I thought I was contributing to making this world a better place. Well, 10 years later, I am here, writing this post from a Starbucks near my place in San Diego, as my two adorable sons wouldn’t let me work on a computer for too long at home. Somehow, it all happened. Every experience I had along the way, every accomplishments I have made academically, professionally, personally, and even the mistakes I have ever made….it all lead me to this point.

earthLooking back, the theme I always had in my life was “Peace” & “Cultural Diversity”. Being married to someone who does not come from my culture, my life is a series of cross-cultural experiences. I still have my day job – I am Executive Director at a Japanese school. This means that I talk to the parents who came from Japan all the time, who are in a similar situation. They are either Japanese expats and their families, or Japanese mothers married to American husbands. Being an expat myself, I know how it’s like to be living in a different country. Raising kids abroad, or with someone who did not come from where you did, present a unique set of challenges. This is why I created My Peaceful Family, in hope of being a guide for the expats and their families who live, work and raise children in a new country. Also, even if you are not married – you might be someone who is wanting to have a close relationship where you can feel at home, but not quite finding it so far away from “home”. If that is you, come along with my journey. After all, you can make anywhere in the world your home, you have that power. Moreover, I dare to say that you can make anyone be part of your family if you so choose. So why not create a peaceful family with people of your choice, no matter where you live? You only get to do this once, at least in this lifetime.

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  1. Hi Etsuko, good luck in building your blog. I think you have identified a very interesting topic. I bet raising a family in another country is a challenging and rewarding experience.