If I was not afraid, I would….

Recently, a friend of mine told me that he told someone he likes how he feels about her. A few days later, he told me that it didn’t work out – she has someone else she likes and can’t be his “girlfriend”. He was obviously heartbroken, but also said he was glad he decided to tell her. Hearing his story, I realized how much I let fear of failure stop me from doing what (I think) I want to achieve in my life.

So this is my attempt to rectify how I have been operating. I will write what I would do if I was not afraid, everyday. Everyday? Yes. I can see already where I might fail….I might fail at doing this everyday. But that is ok. I will then pick up where I left off the next day, or on whatever day I can and start over. It will be brief like this post. That’s ok too.

To start, today I sent a message to someone I’ve known sometime. She is an editor of a major magazine. I asked her if I could send her a copy of the book I translated and got published last year. I have been dreading this task as I was afraid of being rejected. In a few hours after hitting “send” button, she replied “Please do”. Today is a win. Not because I got a positive reply, but because I finally sent that message – and also because I am writing in this blog, for the first time in a long time. Tomorrow I will pick another items on my list of “things I would do if I wasn’t afraid”. Come join me.