Today’s challenge: Asking a favor

Yesterday’s task was to visit doctor’s office. Well, I didn’t make it – but I called and made an appointment for next week. Also, recently I learned that someone I love and admire had gone through surgery for breast cancer. It came as a bit of shock to me because she seemed so healthy and energetic from what I could see on SNS, and she is my age. This made me think of “what if”. So I also made an appointment for cancer exam. It was liberating to have made those two appointments, it made me feel like I am slowly starting to defeat a habit of procrastination.

Today’s challenge is about asking a favor. This is also one of the things I hesitate… I feel more comfortable asking a favor if it’s someone I know well, and also have done something for them in the past. As I write this, I realize that I am operating from this “quid pro quo” mentality. I know this world is full of good people and most people will be happy to help out others, as long as it’s withtin their power and the request is reasonable. Basically I am in search of English tutor who would come to our place and teach our sons how to write essays. It just so happens that there is a dad in my youngest son’s daycare who is a teacher at an international school in the area. He is English, and his wife is Japanese. I don’t know them too well but today I’ll ask them in a way of a letter slipped in their son’s backpack, as we rarely see each other at drop off/pick up.