Today’s challenge: Vacation planning

My husband and I did some vacation planning before 6:00am this morning. We live outside of the U.S. for almost 2.5 years and we didn’t realize you can’t renew your driver’s license anymore after renewing twice by mail. California DMV would like to see us at least once every 15 years. If we had known about this “15 year rule”, we would have renewed it in person while we were still in San Diego, but then again, we didn’t know we’ll be living out here (Japan) for extended period of time until about a year before we left. Certain things in life you only find out by experiencing it. Anyway, now we know when we need to fly back to the U.S. (we knew we’d go back sometime during next 18 months), so we booked a place for our San Diego stay. Having that taken care of feels really good.

Today is also the day to go to doctor’s office (one of the two appointments I made last Wednesday). I am in home stretch in terms of this task, because I am actually not afraid of going to see a doctor. Making the plan was definitely the harder part of this one.