Today’s challenge: Be open, curious and ask right questions

I started the tax return process yesterday! As suspected it will take a few days to complete, but at least the ball is rolling now.

Today I will meet someone who could be my partner in starting up a new project. This project is something I have been wanting to do for a long time but never figured out how to get it started on my own. I met her last month through a mutual friend, and today we are having lunch before going to a (also relevant) event together. My wise mentor once said that being partner with someone to do a project or business together is just like marriage. So in a way, this is our first date. I am excited and also anxious to find out if we are a good match. My intention is to be open and curious, and ask right questions to learn the essence of who she is, what makes her tick – just like how you want to be on your first date.