Trumpet & Movie

Today my middle son has a trumpet lesson. He fell in love with the instrument sometime last year when he watched one of Miyazaki’s animation movies called “Castle in the Sky” (He only told me that was the inspiration much later). He joined a marching band for 5 months and spent almost all the weekends and about 22 days during summer break, which typically started at 9:00 and ended at 5:00. It was a bit insane by my standard, but he enjoyed the experience – he had a chance to perform at big tournaments with the band three times during that short period of time. Since it started to affect his health, we decided that it is time to pause, so now he takes a private lesson about once a month.

It’s interesting how certain things inspire kids to want to do something. “Castle in the Sky” is also a memorable movie for me. I secretly feel like I owe my success of getting into Tokyo University to that movie, as I wrote about what I took away from it in my entrance exam thesis. It might be why I often let my kids watch age-appropriate movies, as you never know what inspire them. In fact, we are planning on going to watch a movie on base this afternoon after his trumpet lesson.