Writer’s anxieties

Today I have several important tasks to accomplish, one of which is to do recording of a podcast show “LOVE THE WORLD” I started with my friend. It’s a fun project and it is always a delight to meet and chat with her. I feel lucky that I get to do this. The challenge is to edit/make it ready for publishing as soon as I am able, because if I don’t, it will take a lot more energy to bring myself to do it.

Another task is to finalize the work I’ve been doing this past two days (it’s the one I talked about in “Audition”). I am happy that I was given this opportunity but there is certain anxieties that is attached to this situation. I just hope that whatever the result is, I will accept it with grace and not assign a meaning that is not helpful for me. I know I am good at certain things. Maybe not as good as so many skilled writers in this world but surly there is a place for me, somewhere.