I submitted my work and after a few hours, I heard back from them. I want to call it “Callback” (as in, I am invited to do the 2nd audition/interview) although it is more like “OK that’s a good start, see if you can tweak it some more to make it better”. I am still grateful that this is happening, rather than receiving a response of “Thanks, not this time”. One of my favorite podcast shows is Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” and recently she was talking about her sister’s sage wisdom (her sister is a TV writer in Hollywood); “Yes” comes right away. “No” never comes. I got a reply almost immediately, and it wasn’t a “no”. I will take that.

Heading towards the weekend now and I don’t expect to get much done next two days. But luckily I have more time to work on it, as they are not in a hurry – they’d like to see a work well crafted, rather than a work done quickly. So I will take my time to enjoy family time, work on other areas of my business and some diversion (in a form of watching a movie). Thank you for reading my (almost) daily post, and have a wonderful weekend!