Celebrate Your Child (or anyone for that matter)

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I attended a presentation for the New World Leadership Academy which is going to open in September this year in Encinitas, CA. During the presentation, the founder was answering a question, and shared this story which stuck with me. The question was around the new school’s philosophy – there were some words such as “child’s God given gift” in the presentation slides, and several participants asked if this is a religious school. The answer is no, this is not a religious school, but they believe that everyone is born with divinity within. Everyone is magnificent just by being. She then said that “When you were just born, you were loved by people around you, just by the fact that you exist. You didn’t do anything like cleaning the room, paying the bills, going to school or work, none of that. And when you die, your life will be honored and celebrated, just by the fact that you existed. And you are any less divine or magnificent in any of these days between birth and death, but you often forget.”

pediatrician-mom-baby1Discussing my religious view is not my intention here; suffice is to say that I would not send my kids to a religous school. But regardless of what you believe, if you are a parent or a guardian of a child, or know someone who has a baby, or have seen a newborn baby, you’ll agree that the feeling and love you feel for the baby is not based on his/her ability to do something. In the presense of a newborn baby, you are simply in awe of whatever it was to make it happen. Some people call it a miracle. Some call it a biological phenomena. It will not diminish the significance of it one bit no matter how you choose to call it. So when you go about your day, and find yourself being disappointed or frustrated by your child for not meeting your expectations – try to remember the feeling when he was just born – or, as my mentor Pam said it, access “the knowing” of love. It will help you shift your perspective.

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  2. Etsuko,
    Love your website it is so cool. It is a beautiful thing to watch you on your path. Great talking with you today.