Happy Holidays

For most people in the United States, this week is commonly described as “Thanksgiving holiday”. I kid-birthday-cakegrew up in Japan and moved to the U.S. only 7 years ago, so this is one of the holidays that I don’t have lots of memories about. After having moved here, I have participated in some of the customs, such as eating turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie (I have never cooked one – my husband has once, when we first moved to San Diego. It turned out to be surprisingly delicious but once seemed to have been enough for him). One year, when we were visiting Boston, we decided to go to Plymouth to see the Plymouth rock, where supposedly the history of this country as we know it had started. Another year, we took part in Black Friday frenzy when we were staying Washington D.C. It was an interesting experience – prior to that year, I had not known such customs.

This year, I spent the entire day in bed, as I came down with cold. I must admit that it was nice to be able to just focus on myself without having to worry about anything else. Now I am almost fully recovered and ready for a day that has more significance to me than the Thanksgiving holiday– my younger son’s birthday. He will be two years old tomorrow. Two years ago during Thanksgiving holiday week, I was staying home trying to take as much rest as possible, as I was told that the baby might be born much earlier than the due date which was December 20th. In the end, he arrived exactly 3 weeks early. I now only have a distant memory of the fist few days, or months, of trying to balance everything – taking care of the newborn and then 16 months old son, going back to work, trying to keep the house in order – and all that new mother stuff. It has been the shortest 2 years of my life. Time just really flew, one example is that I only recently completed a project of creating his 1st year photo album – right before he turns 2! When I look back on this past 2 years, I am filled with gratitude that we made it to this point, with every family member reasonably healthy and happy, and am grateful for everyone who helped us get here. Thank you for being in my life, supporting my hopes and dreams and enjoying reading my stories. I wish you a happy and relaxing holiday season filled with beautiful moments and memories you’ll cherish for years to come.