Happy New Year

As many of you know by now, I grew up in Japan. Here in the U.S., the New Year holiday is relatively quiet in comparison to the Xmas holiday. Where I come from, in contrast, the New Year holiday is a great deal, even bigger than Xmas. The first few days of January are called happy-new-yearO-sho-gatsu” and it is a time for the entire family to get together and eat well, kids receive “O-toshi-dama”(money in a small envelop) from family and relatives, people visit temples and shrines, and watch special new year sporting events such as a famous long-relay marathon takes place between Tokyo and Hakone on January 2nd and 3rd. Most businesses are closed at least for 3 days, if not longer. It is also a time to ponder upon the upcoming year, where people wish all the best and good luck to each other and to themselves. Even though I appreciate the weather here in San Diego, I always miss Japan very much at this time of the year. This year, my mother is visiting from Japan and she cooked all the great food I would have had in Japan, and while it is not exactly the same, I still enjoyed the first day of the year 2010. We spent the morning at the Balboa park, visiting science museum and did a mini-train ride with the kids, followed by a picnic lunch. After coming home, I worked out at a 24 hour fitness club which I had not been to since I became pregnant last October. I know, it’s such a cliché to want to start anew in terms of doing exercise and I was afraid that it might be very crowded, but the gym was almost completely empty and I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, if you have read my previous blog post, I had very sad experience at the end of the last year and I didn’t feel like doing a big review on the year 2009. While I have achieved many of my goals and I took a very important step towards my dreams, the fact that I am no longer carrying Miroku remains a sad truth. I am grateful for all the support I received from my friends and family, and even from people I have never met in person – especially those who have left comments on my post, I appreciate every single one of the comment.  I know that this is a process that I have to take one day at a time and I am trying to be patient. In any case, it is safe to say that I am not quite over it yet and so I did not feel like taking the time to reflect upon the year or really start planning for the year 2010. But somehow working out at a gym today seemed to be a good idea, and while exercising on the step machine, I thought about how I can move forward from this point on. There are millions of good ideas that I could try, but I wanted to keep it simple and came up with this;

I will do at least one thing that has a positive impact in my life, everyday.

It can be as small as exercising or meditating, being kind to someone, keeping track of my finances, or actually implementing one of many marketing tools for my business such as writing a newsletter, working on a blog, updating my website or creating contents, or just dreaming about a bright future. I realize that doing one positive thing could still be a challenge at times but this is my commitment to myself. I know I will get through this tough time somehow. Hope you come along with me on my journey in the year 2010, and all the best to you too!

One Comment on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi Etsuko,

    I wish you, your family, and all your friends; well heck… I wish the whole wide world a glorious New Year. 🙂

    I look forward to reading more of your elegantly written and phenomenally expressed blog posts throughout this next year. Seeing what you’re going to write about next is certainly something to look forward to.

    May we all prosper!

    I like your affirmation Etsuko. I think the key word is “positive impact”; whether it’s to the benefit of someone else or oneself.

    I’ll jump on the bandwagon with you on that one. Let’s keep those positive impacts coming, just like an assembly line. When we run out of positive impacts to make, we’ll just make more, just like donuts. Keep the press running and churn out more positive impacts. Whooohooo!!!!!!!!
    Running low on positive impacts? No problem! We have lots of positive impacts to go around. Get your positive impacts right here! Out of raw ingredients? No problemo! I’ll pull positive impacts out of my hat like rabbits. We’re working on magic here! That’s the stuff dreams are made of!

    Happy New Year Everyone!
    Just some guy trying to make a positive impact.