What’s Your 3 Words For 2010?

New year or not, I almost always have some kind of goals to work on, but as I wrote in my last blog post, I did not feel like making any big resolutions for this year. Instead, I adopted this simple 775368469_0ac9e39d12rule that I will do at least one thing that has a positive impact in my life, everyday,  and so far it has been working out great. It has been only a week into the New Year, and I am finding so many things I do daily which have a positive impact in my life. My personal favorite is “not having sweets at the office”. It is the time of the year when people come back from different places they visited over the holiday and we have endless supply of sweets that tempt me – chocolate, cheesecake, cupcake, you name it. It has only been three days since I got back to work, but so far I am keeping it.

Then, the other day, I found this blog post on twitter, “My 3 Words for 2010” written by Chris Brogan. I was intrigued by the title and read through his blog post, which I thought was interesting.  It inspired me to choose  my own three words for 2010. Deciding on which three words to capture my year was challenging.  However, once I selected them, it has been working as a great reminder for myself because of its simplicity. The three words I choose were ;

Connect, Rejoice, Attract.

Connect: As many of you know by now, I will be leaving my current organization very soon and will be focusing more of my time and efforts on my coaching business. I will be establishing or re-establishing all kinds of connections – with people I already know, people I used to know, people I newly met through different channels. Also, I will connect with all kinds of resources, things that make me feel good, nature, fun activities, and spirituality . Among them , maintaining the close connection with my inner desire is one of the most important links and these three words will help me remember that.

Rejoice: Overall I had a great year in 2009, despite the personal tragedy in December, but when I look back, I feel like I was always running. I am not sure if I was running towards my goals or running away from things I didn’t like so much. As a result, I feel like I can not say that I have enjoyed every step of it – there were times that I felt really exhausted, especially after I became pregnant. I could not fully enjoy either aspect of my life. I was working so hard on building my business, but when I became pregnant, I had to slow down and try to take it easy, but I didn’t take a moment to appreciate or enjoy what I had. This year, I will focus on enjoying what I have or what I am doing. If I am not having joyful experience, something needs to change – either how much I do, or my attitude towards the experience..

Attract: It is easy to believe the famous “Law of Attraction”  if good things are happening to you. I have been blessed in my life where I have been successful with getting what I want often, so I do believe in this concept. But I also realize that when something happens that you don’t really like, such as having a miscarriage, or have your wallet stolen, it’s human nature to say “No, I did not attract that”. Well, this year I’d go further and choose to believe that everything that happens to me is what I am attracting. I trust that I attract right people and right events in my life, if only to give me an opportunity to grow as a person. If people or events in my life are seemingly “wrong” for me, there should be some kind of purpose for that, even though I might not find out what it is right away.

So there you have it. Connect, Rejoice, Attract. What are your three words for 2010?

2 comments on “What’s Your 3 Words For 2010?

  1. My 3 words for 2010 are;
    Enjoy, Reconnect, Learn.

    Enjoy. Like the saying goes, stop and smell the roses. A lot of activity has occurred over the past year. A big thing I did was to volunteer as an Assistant Coach for three First Lego League Teams associated with a local junior high school. I spent many hours each week helping the coaches and teams. It was over in a flash. I was constantly balancing my volunteer efforts while stressing out over work. I looked back upon my efforts and I realized that although I connected on some level with a few kids and a few of the other coaches, I know I could have personally done more if I made the time. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the time and I feel like I was seeing the rose, but not really smelling it. On one hand, the teams overall did very well and we actually made it to our goal of participating at a qualifying event. Perhaps I’m a little too hard on myself. It’s really not about me, it’s about the kids. And perhaps my role and level of involvement was the way it was supposed to be, given the time I had/choose to allocate. All the same, if someone were to ask me if it was a worthwhile experience. Seeing the kids range of emotion from joy, to disappointment and everything in between about technology definitely made it worthwhile. It did take an eventual toll on the quality of my personal life with my own interests like Swing Dancing and quality time with my kids and spouse. It was a trade-off I suppose. I’m not sure I would do it again until my kids are at that age where they could participate.

    Reconnect. I know one thing that I think has suffered the most for 2009 is my maintaining ties with my friends, especially my Swing Dance friends. Sure there are tools like SendOutCards, facebook, and e-mail which help maintain the ties, but there is something to be said about experiencing something in person with them. Of course it is a two way street as well. I suspect there is a quote that describes this, but I can’t think of or remember one.

    Learn. This is something that I see as a lifelong passion of mine that I don’t want to ever forget and kind of relates to my first word enjoy. Whatever it is that I am learning I want to never lose the feeling of enjoying what I learned, whatever it may be. A big elephant that I have kind of deferred for awhile now is learning to speak Japanese, beyond the few phrases that I use every day with my family. I believe the trick is to allocate time each day and be disciplined in doing it. That is really the only way I know how unless you have the time, money and luxury to take time off from work and family and do an immersion course somewhere. And I know to set goals is important as well. Looking to my better half as a role model. Thank you Etsuko.The other part of it though I think is to find the joy of learning a new language, which I think is the other reason I have deferred it. Perhaps if I can imagine that the elephant is a huge smoothie. I know that if I/when I learn Japanese a whole other world would open up for me. I could then watch Japanese animation in their original form.

  2. How about these for my three words for 2010?:

    Eat, Drink, and be Fat and Hammered.

    No, that’s four words. That’s no good. :

    Ok, I’m still thinking. I’ll come back and post the real ones. 🙂