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Last night I attended “4th Annual Making the Most of Your Personal Strategy New Year Kickoff” event where a group of women got together and each of us created a vision board for 2010. This event was hosted by Ms.Angie Swartz, a founder of Six Figure Moms Club. She is a radio show host, an author, and a social media specialist who owns her own company called “Square Martini Media”. Moreover, she is also a source of inspiration to many of us working women and mothers. At the vision-board-11beginning of the event, she asked who had attended this event last year, the year before….and I realized that this was my 4th time attending this event. She again hired Dining Details to cater the food for the evening – the owners and chef couple Julie and Robbie cooked scrumptious appetizers and desserts while we enjoyed sipping wine, chatted among ourselves, flipped through magazines and cut out images that spoke to us for our vision board. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect, and take time to think about what we wanted to focus on this year.

You can read all about what a vision board is and how it works, but if you have never created one, I highly recommend you try doing so at least once. It is even better if you do it with friends just like we did last night, as you can share your collection of magazines and also be inspired by other people’s vision board. Last night, we had one male participant, a chiropractor of Angie’s. When he walked in, he seemed a bit shocked to see that he was the only man (apart from Robbie, the chef) in the room full of women, but he was a good sport and enjoyed the food, wine and conversation all the same. By the end of the evening he took home his first ever vision board, looking proud and inspired.

I returned home around 10:30pm, exhausted but feeling accomplished, and I put it up on the wall right next to our bed. It’s the last thing I see when I go to sleep, and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. It’s such a great reminder of what I want to focus on. It is an inspiration and gives me courage to get up and tackle another day. Actually, this year I couldn’t wait to start making a new vision board until yesterday, so I did 95% of mine on January 5th. But last night I got inspired and added a few more images; one of them was an image of a stack of books, because I have decided that I want to publish a book. I had never thought about doing that before, and at this point I have no idea how I am going to do it, but John Assaraf from the movie “Secret” (whom I have met in person and did a “breaking a board” exercise with) always says that “What” always comes before “How”. You have to decide what you want in your life first. If you really want something, you will figure out the way to do it. I look forward to my journey of figuring that out in the coming months.

2 comments on “Vision Board

  1. Sounds like such a fun event! I’ve been wanting to do another vision board. You’ve inspired me. 🙂

  2. Hi Etsuko,

    It sounds like an exciting get-together. That’s the fun of it, being able to get together with others and collaborate, and do some brainstorming, and even come out with a deliverable by the end of the day.

    Good idea having it close to the bed before going to sleep so one has something good to think of and pro-spect (opposite of retrospect) with as they nod off into never-never land.

    Usually what automatically starts going through our heads once we close our eyes are the things that were the most repetitive or most dramatic that day.

    That’s an automatic habit that’s probably good to change up.

    I’m still working on my 3 words for the year. I’m bad aren’t I? lol