Crush It!

Last November, I met Gary Vaynerchuk at a tWineup in San Diego. He wrote a book “Cursh It!”, I talked to him in person, took picture and got a signed copy. I was fist introduced to 092-copyGary Vaynerchuck by my friend Alan Underkofler – he posted one of many Gary’s talks on-line, and when I watched him speak, I was blown away by how passionate he was about his subject matters which are wine and business development. People say passion is contagious, and you can experience it by reading his book; in his book, he talks about how he has been 100% happy by following these 3 simple rules: 1. Love your family 2. Work superhard 3. Live your passion. This book is a great inspiration to everyone, but particularly to those who are wondering about how they can turn their hobby into business by utilizing various tools that are now available for everyone for little money, if not completely free.

He also talks about how personal branding is now a necessity for everyone – not just for entrepreneurs, but every single one of us, even if you are happily employed. He talks about how he utilized social media in building his personal brand, and how you need to be who you are – in his words, “let your DNA lead you”.  He writes; “You may not have connections, or an education, or wealth, but with enough passion and sweat, you can make anything happen”. The thing is, even if you quit your day job to do what you love, you might be putting the same or more amount of hours you did when you were employed, but if you truly feel passionate about it, it doesn’t feel like work. Your personal life and your professional life will be meshed into one, and you’ll be the brand.

While I really enjoyed my job at the Japanese school for the past 4 years, I felt that I could not express myself fully. I started writing a blog in May 2009, but I was still filtering myself on what I should and should not do or say while holding that position at the school, because people saw me as “Executive Director at Minato School”. I started teaching parenting class called “Redirecting Children’s Behavior(RCB)” on my day off, but I felt like I was still representing the school and it started feeling like a cage. My RCB instructor friends suggested that I should try to bring in this RCB courses to my school but I felt deeply conflicted in doing so, and that if I want to continue teaching this and to start reaching as many parents as I possibly can, I could not continue working there. It was a natural course of action for me to leave. Now that I have gained the freedom to be and express myself, I am ready to take massive action in expanding my network. I’m working on setting up RCB course to be offered near LA where there is a bigger Japanese population, and I’m in the process of creating tele-classes on parenting so people can call in to take my courses over the phone. Just like Gary describes in his book, I reluctantly go to bed at night, and excited to continue with where I left off the night before. I’ll also offer my course in English this year. Dear readers, thank you always for supporting me, and stay turned for my next move. I totally intend to crush it!

2 comments on “Crush It!

  1. Funny, I was reading Gary’s book just a couple of minutes ago. I think that similar stuff to his actual step by step advice can be found on a lot of social media marketing sites, so his book is not too comprehensive in that sense.

    However, I’m almost finished with his book, and this is mainly because his unusual passion for his business shines through so well. I’m reading his book mainly to drink in some of his attitude.

  2. Hi Etsuko,

    Did I mention that that’s an awesome picture of you and Gary? 🙂

    Sounds like you have a lot of drive and commitment to bang off some worthy goals. Keep the drive alive!

    “Gotta keep changing things up.” I always say. “Keep rotating the crops”. “Jump into the next paradigm”.

    I look forward to seeing you make some headway. You’re a crusher! :)))