How Much Is Your Dream Worth?

I watched this movie “Up in the Air” in December last year, 2009. I like George Clooney (I’ve been a fan movie-release-up-in-the-air_articleimagewhen he was still playing a doctor in “ER”), and even though the story wasn’t as convincing towards the end, I still enjoyed it. George Clooney plays Ryan, a jet-set executive flying around the country firing people on behalf of his clients. There was a series of scenes where he told people that they are let go, and he had to handle their reaction and lead them to take a “transition package” and leave the room.

Considering how the economy has been struggling the last few years, one might say that the movie hits too close to home and the storyline is depressing. However, one of the most memorable lines also came from one of those firing scenes. Ryan fired a guy with two children, and he got understandably upset – he stated that he is old and he can’t be a superstar in sports or anything like that. Ryan then said “But you can cook”, pointing out that he has gone to a culinary school by looking at his resume. Then he asked, “For how much money did you to give up your dream?” While I forget what the exact number was (probably mid-20K or low 30K),  I thought that was a very powerful question. My husband and I talked about this after the movie. I believe some people know themselves well enough that they know what they want to be when they grow up at an early age, but there are many who still do not know even in their 40’s to 50’s. I wondered how many people can answer that question like the guy did in the movie. Knowing how much your first job paid is one thing, but what about your dream? I believe that some people don’t even know what it was – or is.

In my case, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was 21. I tried to find jobs in my 4th year of college, without knowing what I really wanted to do with my life, and naturally  I didn’t find anyone who’d hire me. I believe that I was lucky that I didn’t find a job at that time, because that forced me to look at myself and ask some serious questions. In the end, I decided that I want to work for the United Nations and took the path to pursue that goal. Now, many years later, I am on to pursue my new dream, but it was because I learned back then that it’s up to me to decide what I want to do and do what I need to do to achieve it. I hope that many people will find that to be true for themselves. To assist anyone who needs support in pursuing their dreams, I’ll start a group where people come together and encourage each other in going for their dreams. Stay turned for more information!

One Comment on “How Much Is Your Dream Worth?

  1. Hi Etsuko,

    It’s one of your rabid fans here 🙂 Remember me?

    Are you going to help others go for their dreams? That’s phantazmal!

    We must proactively pursue our dreams. I sat around and waited for some of my dreams to show up but they never came. How inconsiderate of them!! I’m so angry I’m not talking to them right now. I’m giving them the ‘silent treatment’. But they’re stubborn, I can’t seem to crack them. I figure through intimidation I could break them down. Have them wrapped around my finger. Be my little toys; my puppets on a string. Show them who’s boss.

    But maybe that’s poor leadership. I need to lead my dreams productively. I must listen to what they say; offer to help them; give them space and the tools to go to work. Give them satisfaction of working with me. We both need to be aligned on the same objective. My dreams are my employees. They depend on my leadership. I have to create the vision for them. I have to trust that they will take it and run with it.

    You know what? We all have the same dream. We just want to enjoy life. We want to make the most of every moment, even when it includes couch surfing (that’s my meditation time :))

    Give your dream two criteria: Make sure you’ll enjoy the pursuit of the dream, and the benefits that are reaped from it’s fruit. Is there a net increase in enjoyment all around?

    My dreams are stakeholders in my reality. And not just in my reality but in the reality of every person I touch in the world, while I’m still here, and possibly, after I’m gone. So my dreams aren’t just mine. They excrete enjoyment to those touched by me too.

    “I have a dream” (Woh, what happened, everyone went silent! lol) I want to party! (Well not right now because I have an Olympic hangover.)

    I want to go ‘hard’ at life. I think I need an agent. We all need agents. To book us the best acts. Work the best venues. So we can concentrate on our act and not be bogged down with working out the details of where’s my venue, where’s my audience, what if no one buys into me. Let’s have someone else take care of filling the stadium of our life’s output. And let’s start performing.

    I must caffeine right now to mellow out. But I’ll be back with more dream-thoughts from the dream-scape of the dream-reality chasm.