Opportunity Is….

I recently had a chance to take a peak at this book called “Survivor’s Club” (Japanese 416woct79rl__sl500_aa300_translation) at Kodansha International office while waiting for someone. In this book, the author Ben Sherwood showcased several survivors of catastrophic real-life events in attempt to examine what it takes to survive such an event and to gain insight of “the secrets and science that could save your life” which is the tag-line of this book. It looked interesting and I scanned through it for a few minutes, and I came across this web-site URL:


What did you think about this URL?

According to the author of this book, this works as a simple yet effective test to see if you have “glass half-full” or “half-empty” type of mentality. You might have read this as “opportunity is nowhere”. Well it’s not very encouraging, right? The other way to read this is “opportunity is now here”.  Remember, your brain will look for evidence of your beliefs – whether it is true or not. Look for opportunities and you will find them, it’s all around you. Same goes for love – look for love, and it is all around you. Look for supportive friends if you are going for your dreams, and I can assure you, you will find them. I suppose you can also guess which type of people is more likely to survive in the catastrophic events. Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

2 comments on “Opportunity Is….

  1. Thanks for this one! I totally saw ‘no where’ – jikes. I really appreciated you bring this to my attention today 🙂

  2. Hi Etsuko,

    You are really crushing it; you have 3 blog posts since my last comment! 🙂

    Though there is credence in the author’s “Seek and ye shall find” metaphor, I see no logical conclusion in one being a ‘glass half full or empty’ person by how their eye catches and formulates words in a phrase.

    Actually, finding the word “nowhere” before “now here” is more ‘data processing’ efficient, which would indicative of a higher IQ.

    Our eye will read from left to right; if it hits a point of ambiguity, it will read from right to left of the block of text it is trying to interpret. An efficient interpretation process is ‘greedy’ (meaning it will capture as many letters as possible to form a word because probability-wise it is the most likely correct interpretation), so it will choose ‘nowhere’ before it chooses ‘where’.

    Also, due to our mental processing system trying to be efficient, the group of words ‘now here’ is not considered as likely a candidate because this group of words is non-idiomatic, not representative in any set-phrase nor considered a ‘collocation’ (an arrangement of words that commonly co-occur).

    Put another way, “Opportunity is now here” is kind of an oddball sentence. (“Opportunity is here” is a more natural and ‘more likely to be heard in the real world’ statement). “Opportunity is nowhere” is a natural statement due to it’s implied, longer-form set-phrase pattern of “{subject} is nowhere to be found”.

    Another note on data processing efficiency; to have discovered both expressions without being asked to discover more than one may seem smart but actually is an inefficient use of mental processing power. If you are reading a body of text you don’t consider every possible interpretation; that would be inefficient. Rather you go with the best possible interpretation and move on; because it’s most likely correct anyhow.

    So Kerri, be happy that you have a very well tuned, efficient, perfectly-working mental processing system. 🙂

    Sorry for the academic treatise; and to spoil the fun of a little brain-trick game. LOL.