The Opposite of Love

Ever since we have taken a weekend course called “Loving Yourself and Others”, my husband and I are both “evolved” in theory, meaning that we accept that we choose how we feel. Nobody can hurt us without our permission, and no one is making us feel a certain way. It’s all in our control. We choose to not say things like “you hurt my feelings” anymore. We both decided to adopt the philosophy that one does not have that much power over the other. If I say “I am hurt by what you said”, what I really mean is “I am choosing to feel hurt by what you said”. Continue reading

You Can’t Torch Other’s Path Without Torching Your Own

Recently I attended an educational event at the San Diego Women’s Foundation. The topic of that day was “Inspired Philanthropy”. The first presenter talked about the physiological, mental and emotional effect of the act of giving, and in the end said the quote on the title. This is from Ben Sweetland and goes like this; “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own”. torch3When I heard her say this, what popped into my mind was this fact; If you want to be helpful to other people, you have to be the best you can be – whatever that might be. In other words, keeping the low profile and not exploring your full potential will make you be and feel like everyone else, and that might be comfortable thing to do for some people – especially if you are from Japan, where we have this saying “A nail that stands up will be pounded down”.

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