It’s Just Money

I lost my car keys last weekend. It doesn’t happen very often that I lose stuff, but when I do, I get car-keys-use-this-oneover it relatively quickly. Of course, it depends on what it is that I’ve lost, but if they are just “things”, I can let it go. But this time, since they were the keys for both our cars (one with the remote control), I was finding it a little challenging to let go. I kept thinking back to where I could have lost them. It must have happened last Saturday evening. I returned home from work, and my husband and I went out for a movie. We first stopped by at a sushi restaurant around the corner, and then went to a movie theater located on the U.S. Naval base. My husband drove so I didn’t use my car keys except when I opened the door after the movie. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

We just returned from a 10-day east coast vacation. Did I actually say “vacation”? Traveling with two toddlers was not necessarily relaxing. Two big challenges for me were the 5 hour flights between Los Angles and the East Coast(we flew in Newark, elise-lilli-playground1NJ and flew out of Washington D.C.) and getting them to sleep at night in an environment different from home. Upon our return home they seemed happy being able to sleep in their own beds. This is not to say that we didn’t have fun while traveling – we got to meet and spend quality time with my parents, my husband’s relatives, and our friends. We explored New York and Washington D.C. Continue reading

Family Vacation

We’re on vacation!  By the time this post is up, I’ll be in Washington D.C. with my husband, my kids and my parents who’ll fly in from Japan and meet us there. We also have close friends who have two kids that live in D.C., and we lake-louisewill be up and about, exploring the city and swimming in a pool. On this occasion, I wanted to write about a trip I took with my parents and brother – it was our first family vacation abroad. We flew into Vancouver, and then visited Canadian Rockies, specifically Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.

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Art Of The Balancing Act

My two sons are only 16 months apart. We wanted to have our children close in age because both my husband and I have close-in-age siblings, and our experiences of growing up were 14067_11overall positive. When people see us with two little ones running around, they say that we have a handful, and it is true that we do, but when we see them doing things together such as playing, giggling, sharing and entertaining each other, my husband and I look at each other and smile. As my husband likes to say, “It’s all part of the master plan”.

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Birthday Resolutions

This past Tuesday was my birthday. Last year on my birthday, I created a list of “Birthday Resolutions” & “Things to do before turning 40”. I was inspired to make these lists by the movie “The bucket list” and Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project”. Birthday resolutions were like New Year’s resolutions and included things that I wanted to start focusing on relatively quickly, such as getting back in exercise routine, while the other list included more long-term plan such as writing a book or all the places I want to visit. The bucket list from the movie is a happy_birthday_06list of things to do before one dies. While anyone can die at any point for any reason, people generally don’t think about it on daily basis. I wanted to give the items I put on my bucket list some sense of urgency, so I modified into a list of “Things to do before 40”. A year later, some of the things from both lists have come true, including having my own business through which I can be in service to others and be inspired at the same time. Since I still work full-time, and have two young children, my time is relatively limited, but when I get to work on it, those activities – whether it’s writing a blog post, coaching someone, building relationships on social media, or thinking about all kinds of services I could offer, I lose track of time.

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How to Love Being Afraid

About a month ago, our younger son was taken to an emergency room after falling and hitting his head on the edge of a cabinet in our living room. He was bleeding heavily, crying and screaming. It was obvious that he was in 423247896_39adf5fae0much pain and shock. My husband tried to hold him tightly and wash the wound but soon realized that the cut was too deep for us to adequately handle. Continue reading

Celebrate Your Child (or anyone for that matter)

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I attended a presentation for the New World Leadership Academy which is going to open in September this year in Encinitas, CA. During the presentation, the founder was answering a question, and shared this story which stuck with me. The question was around the new school’s philosophy – there were some words such as “child’s God given gift” in the presentation slides, and several participants asked if this is a religious school. The answer is no, this is not a religious school, but they believe that everyone is born with divinity within. Everyone is magnificent just by being. Continue reading

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