Celebrate Your Child (or anyone for that matter)

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I attended a presentation for the New World Leadership Academy which is going to open in September this year in Encinitas, CA. During the presentation, the founder was answering a question, and shared this story which stuck with me. The question was around the new school’s philosophy – there were some words such as “child’s God given gift” in the presentation slides, and several participants asked if this is a religious school. The answer is no, this is not a religious school, but they believe that everyone is born with divinity within. Everyone is magnificent just by being. Continue reading

Why My Peaceful Family?

If someone had said to me when I was in my college that I will marry a foreigner, move to San Diego and will have two sons, and I will have my own business around coaching parents (especially mothers) and teaching others about how to create a peaceful family….I would not have believed it.  After completing my graduate degree in 1998, I started working for one of the United Nations organizations, which was my dream job since high school.

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