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How I spent my $100

I’m at Seattle airport, waiting for my flight to Portland – I am attending the World Domination Summit 2013. This will be my third year.

This past 6 months have been very strange – a lot of things happened that made me stop and think about what I was doing. Kids are growing up, even the little one started walking – he is no longer a baby! It’s a bittersweet feeling.

On his 1st birthday, I started a podcast program and have been putting a new episode every Friday – so far, 20 episodes have been put out there. I used $100 that I received at the last year’s World Domination Summit to purchase some equipment for the show. I am sure the question of “how did you spend your $100?” will come up during this year’s summit and it will give us some opportunity to reflect on what we have done this past 365 days.

I know it will be a crazy busy next 2 days, so I wanted to write this before I get on a short flight that will take me to Portland. Last year’s summit was amazing. I am sure this year’s will be as well. Most of all I am very excited to see my friends again, and make new ones. Portland, here I come!