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What is the Problem?


On Wednesday afternoon, our kids’ daycare called me, informing that our younger son had a slight fever. I picked him up and took him home. On Thursday, we arranged a babysitter for him as he couldn’t go to the daycare. He’d also had a bump on his butt since 2 days which my husband thought was either a diaper rush windowslivewriterdisillusionedwiththedefinitionofecm-a045thinking32or a small pimple. On Thursday evening, he was bleeding from that bump and was in pain – he cried in discomfort while in a sitting position. We called the nurse hotline and then the pediatrician’s office.

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Be The Solution


Last Sunday, I attended my very first alumni event of the graduate school I had attended between 1996-1998. The school is called Monterey Institute of International Studies(MIIS) which is  a very buildingsmall, private graduate school located in Monterey, CA. It was there that I had learned to speak and write English, met my lifetime friend Mari (whose twin girls’ picture is in this post), and earned a Master’s degree in International Public Administration which qualified me to apply for a Junior Professional Officer position at the United Nations.

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Above The Line, Below The Line


(For those who have read my previous English post – I found my car keys!)

I was introduced to a concept “above the line, below the line” during one of the classes I attended for my coaching certification program. “The line” is a demarcation separating two types of attitudes; when you are below the line, you act, think and say things from a victim-like mentality or state of mind, and when you are above the line, you have ownership of whatever the circumstances you are in.

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It’s Just Money


I lost my car keys last weekend. It doesn’t happen very often that I lose stuff, but when I do, I get car-keys-use-this-oneover it relatively quickly. Of course, it depends on what it is that I’ve lost, but if they are just “things”, I can let it go. But this time, since they were the keys for both our cars (one with the remote control), I was finding it a little challenging to let go. I kept thinking back to where I could have lost them. It must have happened last Saturday evening. I returned home from work, and my husband and I went out for a movie. We first stopped by at a sushi restaurant around the corner, and then went to a movie theater located on the U.S. Naval base. My husband drove so I didn’t use my car keys except when I opened the door after the movie.

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