Work with Me

A few questions for you…

Are you in a committed relationship with someone who has different cultural background from yours?

Are you wondering if you are up for the unique challenge that comes with cross-cultural marriage?

Do you want to be happier in your relationship and marriage?

If the answer to any of the above question is “yes”, you came to the right place.

I offer one-on-one coaching in all areas of cross-cultural relationship/marriage.

Here are a few examples of topics I’ve coached in the past:

– I am Japanese and my fiance is American. We’re getting married in a few months but we keep fighting. Is it normal? Does this mean we are not a good match?

– My husband and I have very different view on money. It’s normal for him to send lots of money to his home country to support his family, but I feel it is costing us too much. What can I do?

– We have children but disagree a lot about how to raise them. My husband is American and he doesn’t care if kids drink soda or sugary drinks, but I don’t want them to. How can I talk to him so he’d listen?

– I am Japanese and I ave issues with my Mexican-American husband want to spend every weekend with his family. It is getting too much. What do I do?

I can go on and on…

I help couples communicate better so we can come up with a workable solution. Even one hour session could make a huge impact in the way partners interact with each other.

One particular topic I am passionate about is parenting. I am a certified Redirecting Children’s Behavior course instructor. Redirecting Children’s Behavior(RCB) is a powerful class designed to help you create a cooperative, loving, peaceful family.

Besides the parenting course/coaching, I can help you overcome any challenges you might have in your relationship/marriage. You can contact me via contact page.